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Oneness of God, Mighty God in ChristDouble Identity

This action packed story draws readers into a closer examination of the identity of Jesus Christ. Learn a relationship and personal understanding of Him along with a fun-loving group of college students. When Tyler starts asking questions, he discovers more than just doctrinal preferences are at stake.



Born Again, Jesus Name baptism, Holy Spirit speaking in tonguesMistaken Identity

Book two: What if you lived your whole life only to find out you were not the person someone said you were? In this story of identity theft, surprise discoveries, and much more, find out your true identity. The dilemma before Moki, Becky, and Tyler might touch your life also.





Holiness in dress, modesty, jewelryChanged Identity

Book three: As David, Tyler, and Moki discover new truths about their true identities in Christ, you might find your eyes opening to new understandings as well. David thinks he has the life of holiness all figured out. Tyler cannot see what the big deal is. Moki has never heard such things. When a whirlwind of chaos turns their world upside down, see how a proper understanding of Christ brings these friends to a changed identity.

 Or get all three novels for only $30!







Also, for dads with children in the home, you will want to get:


Fathers teaching children

Devotions with Dad!

A year’s worth of weekly devotions a father can read to his child. Use the included questions to stimulate critical thinking about the story and how the message applies to your children’s lives. The included Bible story and questions help deepen every child’s understanding of the things of God. The weekly “For Dad Only” entry will challenge each dad to new levels of leadership in the home.

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